Front Seat Life Monday’s starts today!!!!!

I am committed to bringing you excellent content each Monday throughout 2018 at 10:30 PST on content to help you be unapologetically who you are in your life, business and relationships!!

Each month will be a new topic covered in 4 different way to help you incorporate it into every part of your life.

We will, of course, start with Personality Type for the first half of the year, then move on to Front Seat/Back Seat, Mindset and lastly my Three S System(TM) to help you actually achieve your goals!

January I am covering Introversion and Extroversion.
Today: Life focused- Be Unapologetically who you are
January 15th- Biz focused- Don’t Do Stuff You Suck At
January 22nd- relationship focused- Love me for who I am
January 29th – an interview

I hope you will join me and share with those in your life for greater awareness for a new year!