Ep. 60 What Ambitious, Visionary NJ’s and Flitty, Woo Woo NP’s Have In Common

Recently, lots of people have been talking to me about some of the CONFUSION around INTUITIVE types. So, it’s led me to want to do some clarifying on this podcast episode today around NJ’s, which are intuitive judgers, and NPs, intuitive perceivers 

I created the FRONT SEAT LIFE, which is a revolutionary new approach to the Myers-Briggs personality type indicator. And as part of this approach, I created my own archetypes based on the Front Seat Life method. And that is the second dichotomy and the last dichotomy paired together, which means there are four: intuitives (N) and sensors (S), judgers (J) and perceivers (P). With the pairings being: 

  • SJ: the police. 
  • SPthe adventurers/artists. 
  • NJ: the entrepreneurs.  
  • NP: (my favorites) the squirrels.  

Today, in particular, I am going to be talking significantly about NPs and NJ’s because some of my mastermind group reached out to me and said, You know, I don’t resonate with the word intuitive because we are strong DRIVENHARDCORE, ambitious women. 

They think of themselves like that, as do I, and they’re having a problem because NPs are a bit more woo woo. They are big picture, thinkoutsidetheboxCREATIVES like all intuitives are, but when you start pairing the letters, this is when shit gets interesting.  

When you put them together in the archetypes like I am and talk about your Front Seat and your Back Seat, as I do in the Front Seat Life methodology, this is when stuff gets rich. The tip of the iceberg is the four dichotomies, and then it gets so much DEEPER 

So, that’s what we’re doing today. I am talking about pairing NPs and NJs and what their similarities are and what their differences are and how we all relate to each other. 

NJ’s are these driven, hardcore, AMBITIOUS, get it done, creativevisionentrepreneursgetoutofmyway kinds of people. They sometimes don’t resonate with the NPs, which are a little WOO WOO, or a lot woo woo. They’re so full of ideas and they flit from thing to thing. They are very creative and absolutely huge free thinkers. They are very squirrelly. About 90% of my clients are Ps because they have all these amazing ideas, but they have a hard time focusing. 

So, the common denominator with NJ’s and NPs is this creative, visionary, think outside the box aspect. All the different ideas are really about being intuitive. It’s just how the last letter, the J and the P, factor in and play a role. 

Here’s the deal. I don’t want J‘s to think that they are not this person, the intuitives, because they are driven and ambitious. There is a SPECIALNESS, a uniqueness that 25% of the population has. And that is this intuitiveness. 

I hope this episode and the examples I share (blinders on v. blinders off) can help you to see the similarities, yet the differences that one letter, one dichotomy, in our personality can make. We’re different, and we’re similar.  

All right, I’m going to be doing BONUS EPISODES on the archetypes coming up next, and then I’m going to be doing all the myths for each of the archetypes. That is going to be fun. So, until next week, have a good one and thanks again for listening! 

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