We can spend this time together getting your life back on track as you may be starting down a new path or

starting or growing your business

I can take you from an idea to a fully realized business within a very short period of time-or, I can take your full, busy business and help you streamline it, get you your life back and help you LEVERAGE from one-to-one to one-to-many! It is possible, I promise! And I know exactly how to do it. Sounds good doesn’t it? let me show you how…

I work with a very limited number of people at one time, but these people are usually MY people! You are:

  • A Get Shit Done kind of person
  • 100% ready to take your life or business to the NEXT LEVEL
  • Fully committed to learning the tools to help you gain traction, build sustainable systems, and commit to your singular business focus.
  • Ready to work hard
  • Able to hear and handle the truth
  • Someone who may not like group programs but wants to experience massive growth in their business
  • In need of one-on-one attention

Exclusively here for you

I only coach about 20 people privately each year and I absolutely love digging deep into anything that may be holding you back from your full potential: limiting beliefs, family of origin, or simply not living in alignment with your God-given personality type.

The sky’s the limit to where we can take our sessions! I can work with you once or you can hire me quarterly to keep you massively on track!

Private Half-Day Intensives

I love connecting deeply with my clients that are truly dedicated to their success, it is like magic happens when we are together for uninterrupted time together! You will have my full attention as this is the only thing in my calendar for our day together. You have three options as to how our half-day can unfold:

Location Option #1:

Jessica’s Seattle Home Office

You come to my beautiful home in the Seattle area and we sit down in my cozy office with coffee & tea and snacks to keep our energy up as we map out the next 90 days to 18 months of your life or business!

I will have white boards, pens, 90-day sheets and a new journal for you. We will be exhausted and exhilarated following our session, so I will take you to my favorite little bistro for lunch or dinner and a glass of something to celebrate! It is the yummiest connection time. You will be on your way to journal, process and put into action all that we accomplished!

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Location Option #2:

Meet-Up in Maui

There’s no missing out with this option—we do all of the above, but you meet me in Maui. Yep, Maui, timed with one of my many trips there each year.

We start our day by taking a walk on the beach to truly get inspired. We then sit at my condo, a nearby restaurant or gorgeous outdoor setting in the shade and get to work. We end a glorious 2-3 hours together by having a wonderful meal and drink at one of my favorite Maui restaurants… hopefully with our feet in the sand!

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Location Option #3:

Virtual Meeting Via Zoom

For those who don’t like to travel, but still want to slay their business and conquer their personal life with a half-day virtual coaching session.

We zoom for 3 hours, utilizing all the wonderful tools that Zoom technology provides, and a recording is sent to you.

*This option offers a $500 savings compared to meeting in-person.

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Booking Options

Jessica’s incredible Half-Day Intensives can be
purchased one time for:

$2997 per session

...or sign up to meet quarterly for a year-long

$2500 per session

What Half-Day Intensives can accomplish...

Life Coaching

Solidify your personality type, your front seat and back seat.

  • Core Values
  • Mindmapping
  • 90 day goals
  • Goal Cards
  • Co-dependency
  • Mindset
  • Timeblocking
  • Structure
  • Focus

Business Coaching

All the activities/subjects listed under Life Coaching, plus more:

  • Outline your book
  • Outline your online course
  • Pricing
  • Memberships
  • Groups
  • Dial-in your signature speech
  • Fine tune your messaging
  • Work on social media

+ anything ELSE you WANT to work on!

Let’s GO!


Schedule a Zoom call with Jessica to determine if one session or quarterly sessions are the best fit for you, and where/how you would like us to meet!

During this zoom call, we will book your first Half-Day Intensive and then establish your ongoing contract if you choose to do quarterly meetings with Jessica.

By making this appointment, you acknowledge that you are taking the first steps toward making an investment in the amount of $2,997 USD toward private business coaching.


CONGRATULATIONS! Your life is about to change! Once you have said yes, the Universe is going to start showing up in miraculous and beautiful ways to support this big investment in yourself! I am honored and proud to be part of your journey.

Regular 1/2 day strategy sessions are the best investment I have made in myself and my business this year.

“No fluff, no small talk – just really great advice, insights, deep conversations, and a concrete plan that I can execute for the next quarter that keeps me accountable and moving forward. The nickname – Jessica Kicks Butts – is no joke.

Jessica preaches the gospel of being unapologetically who you are. But what has been most powerful about in-depth strategy sessions with her is that I see how fully she embraces me – just as I am. And understands me – just as I am. She isn’t going to give me an ENFJ roadmap to success. She is going to make me work really hard building a roadmap that is specific to me and my type. I got a lot of great content out of Jessica’s group and event formats. I think those formats attract a lot of people who are more similar in type to her (extroverted feelers) and it made me a little nervous to jump into a deeper engagement. But our differences in approach and her ability to see me has given me a new level of respect for how talented she is and makes the significant investment seem like a no brainer. I wish I had pulled the trigger sooner.”