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I am on a global mission to get people to quit doing things they suck at by first learning what those things are (and I show you EXACTLY what they are).

I will get you and your team, corporation or group spending at least 80% of the time doing what you are innately good at, and I will also show you exactly what that is.

Jessica Butts on a global mission

My keynotes and corporate training are anything but boring!

It all starts by knowing your Myers Briggs type which I have been using for over 25 years, and then learning how to get the most of your team, out of yourself, your group or organization, all while having fun doing it! I have designed my own Live Your Life from the Front Seat Personality Assessment so you have the convenience of starting-out with a free and easy-to-use assessment.

My speeches are not only educational and come packed with massive takeaways — they are interactive, engaging and fun, and we get deep into people’s hearts to create lasting change. This will be a keynote your team, organization or group will NEVER forget. It will give you a language of success to keep using for years to come.

Everyone has innate talents.

I will teach your group, team or corporation exactly what those are so you can have the happiest and most productive employees you have EVER imagined.

As everyone has innate abilities, I also have mine, and those are: teaching, educating, inspiring, motivating and training. I am an ENFJ: Extroverted (I give my best to others), Intuitive (I’m creative and I think outside-the-box), Feeling (I create deep, meaningful relationships with others — including your group) and Judging (I am obsessively organized, which ensures you have NOTHING to worry about once you hire me). Given my unique personality type, I am organized, professional, early to everything and will be prepared so you don’t have to worry about anything — I will take care of it all.

Book Jessica as your Keynote Speaker for an experience your group will never forget.

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A Testimonial To Jessica Butts:

When I first began working with Jessica, I was a mess. Jessica helped me to be unapologetically who I am as an ENFP personality type while setting boundaries, systems, structures and a singular focus. These things together were my key to maximizing my potential and jessica has everything to do with that! One year later, I’m proud to say I’ve learned to overcome my limiting beliefs and have began an inspiring morning routine which is the foundation of my day. Personally, I’ve learned to keep my core values at the center of my life, be pro active and live a magnificent life.

The front seat life community have become this tribe of women we would do anything for! We love, support, admire and encourage one another. Thank you Jessica!”

Lisa Fischer

Owner, Lisa Fischer Styling