Ep. 59 How to Have Flow and Ease Using Personality Type

I am excited that you guys are here today. We are going to go on a JOURNEY over the next several weeks, and I am going to go over some basics with you. Those of you who are active listeners, (thank you, by the way), know that I recently went to my Mastermind group with Kate Northrup, and Amy Porterfield was also there. 

One of the things that I took away from that experience is that I’ve gotten away from my Myers-Briggs base a little bit. I’m too close to it or something. Do you guys know what I mean? And I’m coming back to it! 

I created FRONT SEAT LIFE, which I’m realizing is truly a REVOLUTIONARY new way to look at Myers-Briggs. For those of us that have trouble understanding this brilliant tool, this is a better way, an easier way for people to understand it. So, I’m going back to my roots a little bit here and today is an episode about flow and ease. 

Here’s the deal. The FRONT SEAT is the way God designed you. For every single personality type, there are two parts that will facilitate FLOW and EASE. You have more energy and I think you sleep better. I think you have better sex. I think you lose weight. I think everything in your life feels Flow and Ease. 

This is a little bit of an advanced topic today, so for those of you who don’t have any fricking idea what I’m talking about, I would highly recommend you go to my website, and take the personality assessment because otherwise, you’re not going to know what I’m talking about. 

And our Front Seat is the two middle letters of your Myers-Briggs personality type paired up. So, I’m an ENFJ, for example, the N and the F are called functional pairs. Those two letters in the middle make up a huge part of our car. The extrovert and introvert also have a place in it, but as I’ve said before, the J and the P don’t. 

These two middle letters are Flow and Ease. This is where I need, and you need to be spending 80% of your time.  

The way that I like to visualize these two parts of our personality, the Front Seat, it’s like a beach ball. So, if you’ve got a beach ball and you’re just kicking it down the beach, and there’s ZERO EFFORT, zero effort. You’re just walking, and you’re kicking it along. That is the visualization I have for your Front Seat. It is EASY. It is FLOW. It is GODGIVEN. This is the way that you were born into this world. And when we are doing things that we are NATURALLY DESIGNED to do, it is inevitable that it’s going to be Flow and Ease. 

If you have been trying to be well-rounded, and you‘re fucking exhausted… STOP! I was one of those people trying to do all the God-forsaken things. It doesn’t work.  

There is a lot to understanding the difference between the Front Seat and the Back Seat, but focusing on your Front Seat, the Flow and Ease will help so, so much. Listen in to this episode as I dive into this extremely important concept. 

And keep tuning in for more, because I’m on a mission the next several weeks and it’s going to be awesome! Thanks again for listening, I love you all. Have a fantastic week and shoot me a DM on Instagram or leave a review, I always love to hear your feedback!  

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