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Are you the Police?

Last but not least is the Police Archetype, the Sensing/Judging types. Here is the video explaining this Archetype. Is this you? Or people you know?? Have a great rest of your week, talk to you soon. And…. If you want to set up a time to talk you can schedule with me here: https://jessicabutts.com/gift

Are you a “Just Do It” Archetype? Q and A Wednesday

Today’s Q and A Wednesday is the third Archetype of the four archetypes, the “Just Do It’s” . They are they Sensing/Perceiving Types. If you want to learn more about your type or Archetype you can learn TONS more in my book, Live Your Life from the Front Seat, coming out NEXT WEEK, Tuesday, July […]

Are you an Entrepreneur? Q and A Wednesday

Today is another fun Q and A Wednesday and today’s video is my second video in the four part series on Archetypes. The first video last Wednesday was about the NP Archetypes, the Squirrels. Here is the video for that in case you missed it. Today’s video is about you NJ’s (Intuitive Judging types). This […]

Are you are Squirrel? Q and A Wednesday

I am breaking down my version of the Archetypes based on the MBTI that I share with you in my upcoming book, Live Your Life from the Front Seat, available Tuesday, July 7th. Watch all four to find out your archetype. And, again, mark your calendars for Tuesday, July 7th. https://jessicabutts.com/the-book

Has coaching not worked for you in the past? Q and A Wednesday

Today’s Q and A Wednesday is a question I have been getting a lot lately, why hasn’t coaching worked for me in the past? Watch my video below to find out my answer. Have a fantastic week and remember to Live Your Life from the Front Seat!

Are you controlling?

This week’s Q and A comes from Trina asking if Judgers are controlling…..find out below. Have a great week!

Extroverts under stress

Many of you resonated with the video from last week about Introverts under stress so here is this weeks Q and A video about Extroverts under stress. If you don’t to miss any of the video’s I do on personality type and Living Your Life from the Front Seat make sure to simply subscribe to […]

Introverts under stress

Today’s Q and A Wednesday comes from a talk I gave to a group of entrepreneurial women last week.  It was about what happens to introverts under stress.  Enjoy!

Can Sensing Types have Intuition?

Today’s Q and A Wednesday is one the most popular questions I get, can Sensing Types have Intuition? I don’t want to give away the answer without you watching the video so here it is: If you want to know YOUR type, let’s set up a time to chat. You can schedule a FREE 30 […]

Are you a marginalized personality type?

As part of my Q and A Wednesday video series today I am bringing you a great question about the four marginalized types. Are you one, two, three or all four of them? This is important stuff! Enjoy and let me know if you want to set up a time to talk about YOUR type. […]