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Category: Front Seat

Do you get thrown in your Back Seat? [FB Live 3-5-18]

  This week I was supposed to talk about the Thinking and Feeling dichotomy in your life, but I quickly scratched that plan because something major was up for me. And I knew it was up for some of my clients, too. That THING that throws you in your back seat and totally pisses you […]

Talking about Sensing and Intuition [FB Live 2-5-18]

  Today is Sensing and Intuition! My favorite!!!!! Week 1 – TODAY: Life focused- Be Unapologetically who you are Week 2: – Biz focused- Don’t Do Stuff You Suck At Week 3: – Love  focused. Love me who who I am! Week 4: Interview with someone amazing so you can see how it is played out […]

Introversion and Extroversion in Relationships and Love [FB Live 1-29-18]

  Did you catch my Facebook Live yesterday from Hawaii? I might not be able to top this amazing backdrop in any other Facebook Live this year, but I’ll ALWAYS bring you the best message and lesson that I have. Check out my video yesterday about Introversion and Extroversion in Relationships…     P.S. […]

Balancing your Front Seat with Lisa Fischer [FB Live 1-22-18]

  It’s Front Seat Life Monday – every Monday in 2018 at 10:30 amPST! I am committed to bringing you excellent content to help yoube unapologetically who you are in your life, business and relationships!! Each month will be a new topic covered in 4 different ways to help you incorporate it into every part of your life. We will, […]

Introversion and Extroversion in Business and Workplace [FB Live 1-15-18]

  It’s Front Seat Life Monday!! Every Monday in 2018 at 10:30 am PST! 🚗 I am committed to bringing you excellent content to help you be unapologetically who you are in your life, business and relationships!! Each month will be a new topic covered in 4 different way to help you incorporate it into every […]

{LAST CHANCE} I’m giving away freebies!!

Calling all last minute shoppers!!    It’s time to rally! Get off your butt and order my book with the freebies (goal cards and tattoo)! You’ve waited long enough. I’m closing my office in 3 DAYS for the holidays, and I’d like to give my staff a break, too. Don’t Do Stuff You Suck At focuses on harnessing the […]

[Facebook Live Series] Navigate the Holidays using Personality Type

Let’s navigate these Holidays with grace and love by understanding personality type! 🙏💕 This can be a wonderful, magical time of the year, and it can also bring on a lot of family drama. Starting today I’ll be doing an 8-part Facebook Live Series to help you navigate the holidays using personality type. Join me on Mondays and Wednesdays at […]

Front Seat Life Q&A

  We are 1 week away from The Front Seat Life 3-Day Event , October 5th, 6th and 7th!!! I couldn’t be more excited to share three days full of content that will surely change your life, relationships, and your career! For those of you on the fence, I wanted to take an opportunity to answer some FAQ’s here that you […]

My best offer of the year for you and your bestie

  Calling all Fierce and Fabulous Dreamers…yes, YOU! Here’s your best chance to get yourself and a friend to this year’s  Front Seat Life 3-Day Event  in October. I’ve got a deal you can’t pass up:  your ticket at $497 + bring a friend for $97  available until September 15th. That’s ONLY $297 per person if you split the total cost! For three days of life-altering, soul inspiring content, that’s a no-brainer! […]

The struggle to survive is real, but I’ve got what you need.

I know you. I was you! I was bored, uninspired and directionless in my life and my work. The struggle for survival was real, and yet, I wanted to do and be so much more in life. Doing it alone is terrifying, exhausting and lonely. Now that I know how to THRIVE in my life and […]