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Category: Group Coaching

How to get the best out of Introverts

Did you know that Introverts don’t like to think on the fly? They can do it, but it’s not their best thinking. They would rather process internally over time before they share thoughts and ideas with others. In our extroverted world, Introverts can often feel marginalized and walked over by Extroverts. Don’t get frustrated that […]

Why you need systems, structure, and like-minded people

  Today, I want to share with you the personal story of my “Why”. Why I do the work that I do. I share this revealing story with the hope that it can be inspiring and show you how similar we all are in our need to belong and connect, which is at the heart […]

Front Seat Life Q&A

  We are 1 week away from The Front Seat Life 3-Day Event , October 5th, 6th and 7th!!! I couldn’t be more excited to share three days full of content that will surely change your life, relationships, and your career! For those of you on the fence, I wanted to take an opportunity to answer some FAQ’s here that you […]

Don’t miss the VERY FIRST FB Live on May 1!!!!

On May 1st I am going LIVE for the first time in the new Front Seat Life Membership Group, and it is bound to be awesome. On May 1st and each quarter I will be teaching you my proven techniques to help keep you on track with goal setting around YOUR personality type, as we […]

Hey Squirrel, do you need some structure?

Yes, I KNOW you squirrel! And I KNOW you need systems and structures to help keep you on track. Last week I launched my new website as well as launched a super cool and affordable way to keep yourself on track with your goals quarterly! I have worked with and spoken to thousands of people […]

Insanely affordable way to coach with me!

Along with my new website launch this week comes an insanely wonderful and affordable way to stay connected and get some quarterly coaching. Studies show that we need a “hit” or a “jolt” of something we learned, that we loved, every 90 days to keep us connected to it so I have decided to bring […]

What is the Know-Like-Trust factor?

Do you need some motivation?

Did January not exactly start with the motivation that you had hoped for? Are you needing some inspiration? Do you need some accountability? People who “get” you? Are you FINALLY ready to get some awesome coaching, so this year can actually be THE year? Well, maybe it is time to join the awesome, inspirational, educational, […]

Last chance!! Only 3 spots left….

I will make this short….today is your LAST DAY to enroll in my insanely awesome and AFFORDABLE Intuitive/Small Business group coaching program! Are you an Intuitive person that feels like you are on the outside looking in? Do you want MORE for your 2016? Do you need accountability to get things done? Are you looking […]

Ready for a NEW START??

Happy New Year! This is one of my favorite days of the year, a new start! This is a magical time of year, a start over button, a new beginning, a rebirth. What do you want for your 2016? Have you even thought about it? If you haven’t….then it can’t happen! Dream it, plan it, […]