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Last chance!! Only 3 spots left….

I will make this short….today is your LAST DAY to enroll in my insanely awesome and AFFORDABLE Intuitive/Small Business group coaching program! Are you an Intuitive person that feels like you are on the outside looking in? Do you want MORE for your 2016? Do you need accountability to get things done? Are you looking […]

Ready for a NEW START??

Happy New Year! This is one of my favorite days of the year, a new start! This is a magical time of year, a start over button, a new beginning, a rebirth. What do you want for your 2016? Have you even thought about it? If you haven’t….then it can’t happen! Dream it, plan it, […]

STOP simply surviving!! PLEASE!

Ok, it is almost a new year, 2016! Are you finally ready to make THIS the year you stop settling? Stop simply surviving? Are you ready to THRIVE? To have the best year of your life? Are you ready to start living YOUR most authentic life? Do you want to be FREE to be yourself? […]

Let’s Banish “Should”

If you are like me, you have lived a life “shoulding” on yourself. Well, it is time to stop!! I am a strong Intuitive Type (N), just like many of you, and we are only 25% of the population. Therefore it is almost impossible to not feel left out, feel like a weirdo, wonder why […]

Weirdos unite… for an awesome party

Thursday night I hosted an awesome dinner party for my 2015 Intuitive Group, and while it is hard to share in pictures how much being with like-minded people helps us all in SOOOO many ways, I wanted to share them in hopes you can see for yourself. Intuitive Types are people who: Think outside the […]

Bundled goodness for best holiday gift ever… knowing yourself!

I can’t think of a better gift to open this holiday than the gift of knowing yourself on a much deeper level. The power of understanding our type helps in EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of our lives: Relationships Career choices Job opportunities Career changes Marriage Family dynamics Etc Give a meaningful and lasting gift this year! […]

Who are you spending your time with??

The quote above is so true! Who you spend your time with is who YOU will become! So……… Are you an Intuitive type surrounded by Sensing types that are squishing your dreams? (been there) Are you a positive person and want to be surrounded by other positive people? Do you have dreams for your life […]

How to start making changes in YOUR life!

Once my clients learn about their type (and are blown away by the power of learning about their innateness and being allowed to be unapologetically who they are :-)) they want to know how to start incorporating the changes into their lives.  Here is a short video of what I share with them: If you […]

What does it mean to stay on your side of the net?

As you all know my favorite personal development tool is clearly the Myers Briggs assessment as understanding our innateness is the foundation for EVERYTHING. But, my second favorite life changing tool is healthy detachment and learning about our co-dependency. Here is a video to tell you a little more about it and how to navigate […]

Awesome and affordable ways to work with me :-)

Soooooooo, a few things have been up for me. 1. I have been crazy busy speaking, seeing clients, helping entrepreneurs grow their business, doing interviews, etc for the book and LOVING every minute of it and… 2. I have noticed that coaching has gotten crazy, ridiculously expensive, and I am kinda sick of it. So, […]