The quote above is so true! Who you spend your time with is who YOU will become! So………

  • Are you an Intuitive type surrounded by Sensing types that are squishing your dreams? (been there)
  • Are you a positive person and want to be surrounded by other positive people?
  • Do you have dreams for your life that others just don’t understand?
  • Do you NOT want to live according to “shoulds” anymore? #banishshould
  • Do you need a safe place to plan your dreams with people who “get it”?

If ANY of these are true for you, then my 2016 Intuitive Group is likely THE BEST place you can be in 2016!

Tomorrow night I am hosting a fabulous dinner party for my amazing 2015 Intuitive Group (pics to come next week) and a few of the 2016 people who signed up early! And in fact, if you have been wanting to take the plunge into something YOU KNOW will change your life but needed a push to do it….here it is….. if you are local in the Seattle area and would like to join us for the hosted dinner (by me) you can sign up today for the group and start saying YES to yourself TODAY!!!

It is going to be an amazing time to meet some incredible women just like yourself (like-minded people), that are up to incredible things in their lives and their businesses. I hope you will say yes to yourself and join us today and come to the dinner tomorrow night!

Just click here to get signed up today!