I can’t think of a better gift to open this holiday than the gift of knowing yourself on a much deeper level. The power of understanding our type helps in EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of our lives:

  • Relationships
  • Career choices
  • Job opportunities
  • Career changes
  • Marriage
  • Family dynamics
  • Etc

Give a meaningful and lasting gift this year!

In the combo packet you will receive:

  • A signed copy of my book, Live Your Life from the Front Seat
  • The certified online assessment (or if you really want it to be a surprise you can wait until after the holiday for them to take it, but I will still mail the book for the “gift” factor)
  • A bookmark
  • A car worksheet
  • Holiday gift wrapping

Order TODAY to ensure shipment by Christmas! 🙂 (offer no longer valid)

Happy Holidays!!