If you are like me, you have lived a life “shoulding” on yourself. Well, it is time to stop!!

I am a strong Intuitive Type (N), just like many of you, and we are only 25% of the population. Therefore it is almost impossible to not feel left out, feel like a weirdo, wonder why we always want MORE when others are fine with the status quo, and “what if” ourselves to death.

Intuitive Types are people who:

  • Think outside the box
  • Want more for ourselves than the status quo
  • Feel like weirdos in the muggle world
  • Have big dreams for ourselves
  • Often ask ourselves, “Why can’t I just be happy with……?”
  • Have an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Seek community of like-minded people
  • Want more, more, more (and that is OK, I promise)

If this sounds like you, I would LOVE to have you join us for the 2016 Intuitive Group!

We are starting again January 2016 with our first group call on Monday, January 11th and the EPIC ALL DAY PLANNING day Friday, January 22nd at the Mercer Island Community Center (or Skyped anywhere in the country).

And it gets even better……if you sign up TODAY, I will throw in a one-on-one 90-minute type session in December!!

And seriously, all of this for only $197/month investment!

Sign up today and stop “should’ing” on yourself and learn how to live according to your innateness with a bunch of other AWESOME Intuitive Types!!!