As you all know my favorite personal development tool is clearly the Myers Briggs assessment as understanding our innateness is the foundation for EVERYTHING. But, my second favorite life changing tool is healthy detachment and learning about our co-dependency.

Here is a video to tell you a little more about it and how to navigate it in your life and relationships.

If you want to know more about yourself, your type, your co-dependency, here are 3 easy and affordable ways to work with me. 🙂

I am bringing you 3 really awesome ways to learn about your innateness and start building your life around it so you can stop doing stuff you suck at and be WAY happier, more authentic and way more congruent to who YOU are, all affordably and awesomely. 🙂

1. All In Coaching Program

  • One-on-one with me every other week to learn powerful tools to help you understand YOU and get your life and business on the right track
  • Amazing and powerful group call every other week
  • Robust and active Facebook page exclusive for members of Live Your Life from the Front Seat only
  • AND NEW THIS YEAR… Quarterly live, in-person meetings where we will plan, strategize, and mastermind – it is going to be truly awesome
  • Investment of only $597 a month

2. Once a month Coaching Program

  • For those that only need one monthly session with me but also want all the amazing benefits of the group and in person quarterly mastermind.
  • Investment of only $397 a month

3. The Group Program only

  • Some of my favorite work is working with people in a group because
    • I have an awesome tribe of high level kick ass women
    • You get to learn sooooooo much from each other
    • I coach you personally over the phone every other week
    • You get to come live (or livestream if you can’t make it in person) to the quarterly masterminds where we will spend an ENTIRE day each quarter focused on your business and getting stuff done while celebrating your wins!
    • Investment of only $197 a month… seriously, this is the best deal ever!! 🙂


Sign up before December 1st and get a complimentary 90-minute type session one-on-one with me (a $497 value). Pretty awesome! This session alone changes people lives… for real!

Sign up here to chat with me further; can’t wait to connect!