Happy Thursday!

We have officially completed the Introverted cars and today we move into the Extroverts. 🙂

All introverts have a baby in the backseat that “fights” and gets loud, defensive and in your face just in a little different way. I hope you saw that in the last 8 weeks of emails about the Introverted types.

Today starts the first of the 8 Extroverted Types. All 8 Extroverted types also have a similar baby in the backseat as we are fleers. We run away, hide, withdraw, shut down, and go away either physically or emotionally or both.

As you know, I am sending each of the 16 cars for the next 16 weeks (we are on 9 of 16) to help you learn about each type and see if you can identify friends and family like this so you can better understand them.

Type is ALL about better understanding ourselves and others so we can live our best lives and have amazing relationships!!

So far we have covered:

You can go back and read the others if you missed them.

Today’s is ESTP – The Doer

Driver: Your best self


  • You seize the moment and become immersed in the here and now
  • You pleasurably and spontaneously interact with people, things and situations of interest
  • You’re good at turning “work” into play
  • You enjoy learning by doing (touch it, taste it, hear it, smell it, see it)
  • You enjoy sensory experiences
  • Details and data are the way that you take in information and process it
  • You are playful

Copilot: What the world sees of you, your second-best self


  • Logical order rules all
  • Illogic is dismissed as trivial
  • Information is taken in and logically organized in your mind
  • You sort out and discriminate that which makes logical sense from that which does not
  • Like a detective
  • Problem solver, seeking clues and root causes

Drunk Uncle in the Back Seat: Things you suck at and should NOT be doing


  • Forcing yourself to reach out to attach and interact with other living things
  • Trying to nurture relationships, connections or promote collaboration
  • Being involved in activities which require you to validate and value others
  • Activities where you must encourage, coach, educate or motivate
  • Things that require you to act in a protecting, helping and caretaking capacit
  • Being in situations that require you to seek harmony in interpersonal relationships
  • You need to have people in your life to help you see others’ feelings since this is an area you are going to struggle with

Baby in the Back Seat: Where you go under deep stress or when someone has hurt you


  • You hide in your home, away from friends and family
  • You isolate yourself
  • Internally you worry
  • Every little thing becomes a huge deal
  • If you have a fight with your spouse, you think you are getting a divorce
  • You start imagining every possible bad thing that can happen to you or your situation