Happy Thursday!

ENFP’s, wow! So encouraging, lovely, creative, fun people. They have an incredible way of making YOU feel amazing! Supportive cheerleaders is a great way to describe the lovely energy of the ENFP.

As you know, I am sending each of the 16 cars for the next 16 weeks (we are on 11 of 16) to help you learn about each type and see if you can identify friends and family like this so you can better understand them. Type is ALL about better understanding ourselves and others so we can live our best lives and have amazing relationships!!

So far we have covered all of the Introverted Types:

Extroverted Types:

You can go back and read the others if you missed them.

Today’s is ENFP – The Inspirer

Driver: Your best self


  • You explore new ideas, new people, new possibilities
  • You are imagnitive, inventive and innovative
  • You naturally energize people
  • You engage action towards a vision of what could be
  • You see future possibilities, and see the big picture
  • You’re a what-if’er
  • You’re creative, and think outside the box
  • 75% of people can’t see what you see; you have a gift that others need

Copilot: What the world sees of you, your second-best self


  • You are really sensitive
  • You’re aware of and cherish your own values, beliefs and sense of self
  • You are open to emotions and inner sensations
  • You are sensitive to others in an empathetic way
  • Authenticity is important to you
  • You seek harmony with others and harmony within
  • You have deep internal feelings

Drunk Uncle in the Back Seat: Things you suck at and should NOT be doing


  • Things that require you to use logic and reasoning with others
  • Activities that require you to organize people and things to achieve a purpose
  • Things where you must collect information in an orderly way, or solve problems in a systematic manner
  • You need to have people in your life to help you see logic and reasoning since this is an area you are going to struggle with

Baby in the Back Seat: Where you go under deep stress or when someone has hurt you


  • You retreat into your own personal world
  • You internally obsess about details, facts
  • You might go over ever detail of a conversation or the way a situation went in your head
  • Your head feels wonky, you feel horrible
  • You go on a list-making binge
  • You might go on a food, drink or exercise binge