What a coincidence that today is my birthday as well as the day to share MY type with all of you.

Well, what can I say about my own type without sounding, well, you know…….as we are pretty awesome if I do say so myself 🙂 (as are all the types of course)

ENFJ’s are determined, giving, caring people. Almost a little too much at times as they are the Extroverted type that needs the MOST alone time because they have a tendency to give SO much to the people in their lives. ENFJ’s are able to accomplish truly magnificent things if they are living authentically and doing what they love.

As you know, I am sending each of the 16 cars for the next 16 weeks (we are on 12 of 16) to help you learn about each type and see if you can identify friends and family like this so you can better understand them. Type is ALL about better understanding ourselves and others so we can live our best lives and have amazing relationships!!

So far we have covered all of the Introverted Types:

Extroverted Types:

You can go back and read the others if you missed them.

Today’s is ENFJ – The Giver

Driver: Your best self


  • You reach out to attach and interact with other living things
  • You nurture relationships and connections
  • You validate and value others
  • You encourage, coach, educate and motivate
  • You protect, help and take care of others
  • You promote collaboration
  • You seek harmony in interpersonal relationships

Copilot: What the world sees of you, your second-best self


  • You see patterns, relationships, symbols, meanings
  • You make magical connections to practical problems
  • You create a unique vision and arrive at unique insights about things or people
  • You can fill in the missing pieces of a life puzzle
  • You have complex visions or perspectives that you are unable to explain with clarity to others
  • You’re always thinking “what if”
  • You always think about what’s next or how you could be im- proving yourself or your situation

Drunk Uncle in the Back Seat: Things you suck at and should NOT be doing


  • Trying to live in the moment and immersing yourself in the here and now
  • Trying to interact spontaneously with people, things and situations of interest
  • Trying to turn “work” into play
  • Managing details and data
  • Trying to learn by doing (touch it, taste it, hear it, smell it, see it)
  • Having only sensory experiences
  • You need to have people in your life to help you see facts, data and details since this is an area you are going to struggle with

Baby in the Back Seat: Where you go under deep stress or when someone has hurt you


  • Hide from the world
  • Obsessively go over details, facts and data in your head
  • Abandon your normal Extroverted Feeling self and retreat into your own world in your head
  • May not want to leave the house
  • Doesn’t want to be around people
  • Process logic data over and over again in your head
  • Horrible energy; seems as if you have lost your mojo
  • Repel people by being in your head and not your heart