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Weekly Inspiration

Living your life from the Front Seat-Your co-pilot

Hi Everybody. Today’s blog is all about your second letter of your full type in Myers-Briggs. We are talking about your co-pilot of your car. Watch my video This car analogy is about the 4 parts of our personality and is also about Living your life from the Front Seat (TM). In the previous post and video I […]

Live your life from your Front Seat (TM)-Your Driver

Watch the video on Living your life from the Front Seat-Your Driver Hi Everybody, This is Jessica Butts from w and I am here to help you figure out who you are so you can build better relationships. Today I am coming to you with a unique way of showing you some work from Myers-Briggs. What I will talk to you about, takes you a step further […]

Goal Cards

Watch my vlog (video blog) about my favorite manifesting tool, Goal Cards! Welcome to my blog! I want to tell you all about goal cards and why they are important and useful to use! Recently, I did a short video on one the most powerful tools I’ve ever used on manifesting your dreams. It’s a tool that’s been around for some time now called goal cards. I […]

Owners Manual to Yourself: Let me Introduce you to you.

Do you know someone who is stuck? Lost? Unsure of who they are Uninspired by their life? Has lost their way or lost their voice in their relationship? Do they need guidance, answers, help or a direction? or do they just a need kick in the ass to get their life on track? If you […]

Extroverted Dad-Introverted Child

As a therapist and a Myers-Briggs expert, I often have clients come to me with their parenting difficulties on raising a child of their opposite type. Recently in a session, a parent came to me who was an extroverted dad raising an introverted son. Though the title of this book may not entice men, I encouraged him […]

Owner’s Manual to Yourself: Let me introduce you to you-6 week bootcamp

I am thrilled to introduce my new 6 week bootcamp and 6 month coaching program appropriately named…Owner’s Manual to Yourself: Let me introduce you to you. Take a look at the short video, where I even get a little emotional talking about how important it is to do this work, and then find out more […]

Quick Daily Inspiration

Quick Daily Inspiration

Go Confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.

Quick Daily Inspirations