Watch my vlog (video blog) about my favorite manifesting tool, Goal Cards!

Welcome to my blog! I want to tell you all about goal cards and why they are important and useful to use!

Recently, I did a short video on one the most powerful tools I’ve ever used on manifesting your dreams. It’s a tool that’s been around for some time now called goal cards. I was introduced to them by my coach, who was introduced to them by her coach. Since I started using them it’s been an unbelievable way of retraining the brain to think about the exact things I want in my life.

I have spent the last year writing on these ugly lined index cards and I wanted to “Jessicafy” them and make them beautiful. I also wanted to be able to have them stand up on my night stand at home or on my desk at my office. So, I created some.

They are Accomplish Magnificent Things Goal Cards. Each one of them looks a little bit different—a different design—and on them each one says: Thoughts + Beliefs + Actions = Your Life. What we think about all day, we become. There are different colors and they have a stand that allows you to prop them up on your desk.

The idea behind these is writing very specific things you want to accomplish in your life, such as in your relationship, or a certain kind of work, or a certain dollar amount you want to earn. There are directions about how to write your goals using words such as, I am, I attract, I have, or I create. Then you keep them on your desk or your nightstand and read them every morning and every night as if they have already come true.

Again, this is an unbelievable way of retraining your brain, a form of neuroplasticity to start to have your brain think that your goal has already come true. The first batch that I wrote on the ugly version of cards was about a year ago. When I re-wrote them last night on my pretty cards I realized that almost every one of them has either happened or is in the process of happening. So, I made new ones and they’re for sale on my website. They’re super affordable at $12.95. There are 40 cards…20 one side and 20 on the other so they’ll last a long time. I just wanted to bring people a tool that I know works amazingly well.

I hope that you will love them as much as I do and take the time use them. If it’s something you’re interested in purchasing you can go to my website: and order them from the products section.

Thanks for reading and I hope you will come back soon for updates on my next blog!