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Today’s blog is all about your second letter of your full type in Myers-Briggs. We are talking about your co-pilot of your car.

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This car analogy is about the 4 parts of our personality and is also about Living your life from the Front Seat (TM).

In the previous post and video I talked about the Driver of your car. If you are an extrovert, your driver is giving their best self to the world. If you are an introvert, you are actually saving your best self for yourself.

Let’s talk about how the co-pilot affects this. The co-pilot and the driver make up this front seat. This is where you want to be living your life, primarily. This is your unique brilliance. These two people counter balance each other. So imagine you are in a car. You are taking a road trip across the country. Your driver, she is in charge. She is deciding where you are going, how you are going to get there, she’s got her foot on the pedal, she’s making the turns and in essence driving the car. But, a road trip without a co-pilot is not very much fun. You need someone to talk to. She is kind of your wingman, (your wing girl), someone to have a conversation with, she’s got the iPod out, she is figuring out the music, she’s changing things up, helping with the temperature and looking on google maps to help you figure out where you are going. She is there to keep you sane. This is what your front seat and personality are like. The driver and the co-pilot are there to balance each other out to keep us sane. So, if your dominant trait is that you are an extrovert, your co-pilot is an introvert. For an example, if your driver is an extroverted feeler, she is all about relationship building…your driver is out and giving her best thoughts, love…she could be an introverted intuitive.

More interestingly, if your driver is introverted, your co-pilot is what the world sees. People have to get very close to you in order to really understand what your driver is. Often times, people will say, “it is hard to get to know you.” That is very, very true because that driver is saving her best self for herself. What the world sees is your second best self. It is still in your front seat which is great but it is your second best self which is extroverted. So, a lot of times people will say they never knew that you had this introverted side to you because in the work setting and in social situations, you have to show up as an extrovert but you really have a whole other side to you as an introvert that the world does not see and that is your dominant personality.

When I am working with introverts, and any of you introverts reading this, know how important it is that people know both sides of the front seat…because again, this is about living your life from your front seat. These two people in the front seat are your best self. This is your unique brilliance. This is your God given talent. This is how you should be living 90% or more of your life. This is the stuff that you are excellent at. If you are having difficulty reading this and not know what to do next, please visit my website www.jessicabutts.com. There is so much info to dig around and check out.

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