Yes, I KNOW you squirrel! And I KNOW you need systems and structures to help keep you on track.

Last week I launched my new website as well as launched a super cool and affordable way to keep yourself on track with your goals quarterly!

I have worked with and spoken to thousands of people over the years and one of the number one complaints is they have trouble staying connected to their goals and something they love like The Front Seat Life way of life….I have created a way for you to do both and much more!

I have an insanely affordable new group called the Front Seat Life Membership Group that has sooooo many benefits for only $25/month

  1. You can stay connected to all the Front Seat Squad’ers as they are all in the group
  2. I am going to coach live each quarter on 90 day goals to help keep you in track!
  3. First dibs at Front Seat Life tickets, your registration in this group only will open up May 1st and you get $100 off. DUH, this is such a no brainer I am actually re-thinking this. Ha.
  4. There is power in staying connected to like minded people and having some skin in the game, that skin only costs $25/month.

I sooooooo hope you will join us TODAY as the first love call is just a week away on May 1st!!!

Come check out the Front Seat Life Membership Group.