At my recent Myers Briggs Workshop-The Power of YOU-Discovering your Innateness and Greatness through Type I asked the participants to separate into groups of introverts and extroverts once we discovered their Type.  Once in their groups I asked the Extroverts to brainstorm the following question:

  • What do you think of Introverts?

This is what they came up with….

The very first response caused some controversy in the group.  Introverts didn’t realize they came off as selfish.  The Extroverts explained that Introverts appear selfish with themselves, with their time and with their inner thoughts.  We uncovered through the exercise that introverts simply need:

  • time to process
  • they are internal processors
  • they don’t purposely not share, they are just processing internally
  • sometimes they need to be invited in or given the space to talk
  • sometimes they do just need to be alone and they hope you can learn to NOT take it personally

The more I do this workshop and allow the groups to process this exercise the more I learn as a facilitator and I love bringing you what I learn.  Our differences are fascinating and once understood can truly change relationships.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading.

Jessica Butts MA, LMHCA