Don’t forget to mark your calendars for 7:00 am PST the entire month of September, starting Friday, September 1st! I am going Live Monday-Friday each day on my Facebook business page.

I am so freakin’ passionate about helping you embrace your innate personality type, live your life from the Front Seat, up level your mindset and learn how to finally get shit done effectively that I am crazy enough to go Live at 7 am…for a month!  

My BHAG, big hairy audacious goal, is to have everyone live their most authentic life, and you can’t do that if you don’t know who you are and you are always trying to please everyone else. This content comes from years as a psychotherapist, Myers Briggs expert and now a business coach. I have seen it work! 

So, I am going to be sharing invaluable info each morning and taking a few questions to help you live your life from the Front Seat.  

I hope you will join me!