This week’s full moon and your type

As many of you know I LOVE working with Intuitive types (N), in fact I have an amazing group program exclusively for them, and this week with the full moon we Intuitive types need to be aware of the dramatic energy shift with the full moon on Thursday.

I have never been that into astrology BUT I am a highly sensitive person, as I know many of you are as well, and energy is energy. The universe is energy, and we are energy… when things shift, so do we.
According to NorthPoint’s journal we J types are going to be tested as well, as this full moon is asking us to go with the flow, NOT something we are good at.

“THIS FULL MOON, then, calls for us to find the balance point between the agendas of Virgo and Pisces — to know when it is best to analyze and direct, when it is better to trust and allow, and how to gracefully adjust our way of being to the right solution of the moment.”

So this week, we need to be fully aware of your type and how it can be affected by other energies in the world. We so often are being reactive to the energies around us and as a strong J, I like to be PROACTIVE and part of that for me is knowing what is happening with the planets and full moons.

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Have a wonderful week.

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