I know you. I was you! I was bored, uninspired and directionless in my life and my work. The struggle for survival was real, and yet, I wanted to do and be so much more in life. Doing it alone is terrifying, exhausting and lonely. Now that I know how to THRIVE in my life and business using some PROVEN methods, will you let me help?

I want desperately for anyone who feels the same way I did years ago to experience the freedom of living your life being unapologetically who you are, having a clear direction and finally taking effective action on how to get there. 

I realize that you might not know how right now. You only know that you are stuck, depressed, unhappy and likely feeling hopeless. So, JOIN ME daily on Facebook in September or even better in person at my Event in October.

✔️September “Wake Up Calls with Jessica” at 7 am

✔️Front Seat Life Event October 5th, 6th and 7th


You are my motivation and inspiration! I have worked with countless clients who are lost, stuck, spinning their wheels, starting projects and never finishing them, beating themselves up for being “lazy” or “stuck” and IT KILLS ME! You might feel like my clients did. And yet, I’ve worked with them and have seen them TRANSFORM their lives and businesses. It’s so beautiful, and it keeps me going. You can transform, too, but you MUST learn your innate personality type in order to design your life or business. Each type does things differently and you cannot be coached or expected to do things like everyone else when you are your own unique being.

Is this finally the time you make the commitment to yourself to get it together on a deep level? I know you might be thinking “I have heard all this before” at other events and from other coaches, but the missing piece is understanding and embracing how you were uniquely designed, which is your Myers Briggs Personality Type. I promise I won’t waste your time or your money. I’m dying to teach you my amazing methodology that I’ve created over the years in graduate school, being a psychotherapist for many years and now as a life and business coach. Come, just come! It is YOUR turn!  Register today!