Today’s topic is part of what ended my marriage….come learn how to not make the same mistakes we did! It’s Front Seat Life Monday!! Every Monday in 2018 at 10:30 am PST! Today is Sensing and Intuition in your RELATIONSHIPS!!!!

I am committed to bringing you excellent content to help you be unapologetically who you are in your life, business and relationships!! Each month will be a new topic covered in 4 different way to help you incorporate it into every part of your life.

We will of course start with Personality Type for the first half of the year, then move on to Front Seat/Back Seat, Mindset and lastly my Three S System(tm) to help you actually achieve your goals!

January I covered Introversion and Extroversion.

February is all about sensing and intuition!

Week 1: Life focused- Be Unapologetically who you are
Week 2: Biz focused- Don’t Do Stuff You Suck At
TODAY: Love focused. Love me who who I am!
Week 4: Interview with someone amazing so you can see how it is played out in someone’s life!


Here is an amazing way to learn more!!

I hope you will join me and share with those in your life for greater awareness for a new year!