So far we have talked about Intuitive Babies in the Backseat, and today’s babies are Sensing.

Over the next four days I am sending along a description of each of the Babies in the Backseat that I describe in my book, Live your Life from the Front Seat so that you may be able to identify this wonky, yucky, backseat energy over the holiday break. I hope you don’t have any stress, but during this time of year while spending time with family, running around holiday shopping and such, we often experience stress which triggers our worst selves.

Being able to identify when this part of our personality wakes up is KEY to managing stress and showing up and being our best and most authentic selves!!

Extroverted Sensing Babies in the Backseat:


  • You get loud and start bossing people around
  • You obsess about details and facts
  • You demand that people do things a very specific way (your way)
  • It is your way or the highway thinking
  • You go into obsessive list making mode
  • You will want to talk about every detail of a conversation or the way the situation went
  • You might over eat, drink or exercise

Introverted Sensing Babies in the Backseat:


  • You hide from the world, and you retreat into your own personal world
  • You internally obsess about details and facts
  • You go over every detail of a conversation or the way a situation went in you went
  • You obsessively go into list making mode
  • You give off horrible, wonky, quiet, in your head energy that people do not like
  • You may overeat, over-drink, over-exercise

Do you see yourself in these during times of stress? You are likely one of the types above. Remember how babies need to be treated! With love, compassion, understanding and sweetness, and that is how our babies need to be treated as well.

Sending you LOTS and LOTS of love during this week of giving thanks! 🙂