I just did a podcast with Leslie Irish Evans. You can access the podcast below. Grab a cocktail, and enjoy!

Hooray! I’m back to hosting a show! (Pretty much my favorite thing to do with my clothes on.) My new podcast is called The Cocktail Party Effect. You can download/subscribe to it via my Leslie’s Contact Talk Radio page, at iTunes, and I’ll post a link to each episode here on my site.


This week’s guest is Jessica Butts.

Jessica Butts takes the traditional Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and puts her 20+ years of experience working with the tool into a new, creative and easy to understand method she created called, Live Your Life from the Front Seat. With her “tell it like it is” style, she helps you answer these powerful questions: Who are you? Where are you going? How are you going to get there?

THE COCKTAIL: (Each episode features a recipe for a coordinating cocktail. After all, it IS a party!)

What better a front seat to live your life from than that of a Rolls Royce!

Rolls Royce cocktail

I tried a couple of versions and ended up using this one from this Imbibe.com page:

2 oz. gin
½ oz. dry vermouth
½ oz. sweet vermouth
Bénédictine rinse
Tools: mixing glass, barspoon, strainer
Glass: coupe
Garnish: lemon twist

Rinse a chilled coupe with Bénédictine. Combine the remaining ingredients in a mixing glass and stir with ice. Strain into the rinsed coupe and garnish.


Listen to the .mp3