I am a Licensed Psychotherapist and Myers-Briggs Speaker and Trainer. I want to help you on your journey of self-exploration and help you build magnificent relationships with yourself and others. I see individuals and couples in my private practice in Bellevue, Washington, and travel’s the country teaching Personality Workshops.

We can Accomplish Magnificent Things in our lives once we can look at ourselves and others with acceptance, honesty and love. The more we know, understand and explore about ourselves the better we can move through this world as partners, parents, and human beings. We can Accomplish Magnificent Things once we embrace our full selves; our good, bad, ugly and beautiful. Our authentic self!  The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is part of that process. It is an excellent, tangible tool to help in the self exploration process and I want to share it with you.
Be open to yourself!

This is a workshop all about YOU and your type.

We will cover:

  • The      Basics of Type
  • The      Four Dichotomies
  • Dominate/Inferior      Type
  • Your      whole Type
  • Type      in video and
  • Experience      great breakout sessions.

Workshop includes 6 hours of workshop time, online assessment, take home materials, exercises, video viewing, snacks and much more. It is a content rich day that will change the way you see yourself and your relationships.

You will get numerous handouts and take home materials as well as a full certified online assessment.


This workshop will address:

Understand Self and Others
Innate Gifts
Direction of your Life
Communication Issues

Relationship Buildling

Energy Sources
Self Care
Navigating Difficult Relationships
Honoring Your Best Self

You will leave inspired and validated!


Here is a recent testimonial from a workshop.

“After a one-day workshop with you, I learned so much about myself, about my spouse, and even my family that made me realize what I thought were shortcomings, are really my strengths and my husband’s strengths. I ‘get’ my family and friends in a whole new way. Â I have owned my intuitive gifts even more and see how my current profession totally makes sense given my type. It’s opened up a whole new world and given me another deeper way of understanding that while we are all from the same Source, how we show up int the world is very different–and beautifully unique. AND it helps to have a framework that describes how we show up in the world because that allows us to understand ourselves and others much better. Anything that helps heal or prevent miscommunication–I’m all for, and your presentation does just that!

Jessica you are one of the most real, down-to-earth women I’ve ever met with a great sense of humor and ability to both stand fully in her own type-ness, and allow others the space to be in theirs! Brava!! ~ Kris Prochaska, MA, LMHC, Heart & Soul Speaking”


See my website for more testimonials on my workshops and to see more about me.


I look forward to working you with you and helping you discover your BEST self!

This is about the Power of YOU-Discovering your Innateness and Greatness so you can Accomplish Magnificent Things in your life!

Jessica Butts MA