It’s here, it’s here! And I sooooooo manifested this!

Last week I celebrated being in business 5 years! While part of me thinks that is a LONG time another part stops and realizes how much I have accomplished in that 5 years. And a HUGE part of that has and continues to be my mindset.

I have spent thousands of hours of the past 5 years meditating on, visualizing, getting crystal clear on exactly what my business looks like today. Granted, I also worked by butt off but such a huge part of success is SEEING and BELIEVING things even before you have ANY idea how they are going to happen.

Today I bring you to date my biggest and greatest manifestation, my first ever 2 day event!!!! I saw this event in my head even before I knew how to put something like this together. I want to help you do the same in YOUR life and your business!

Won’t you please join me on October 7th and 8th, 2016 in Redmond, WA for this spectacular event!

You can find out all the fabulous details here.

SOOOOO looking forward to showing you all the tools to do the same in your life during these two awesome days!