To change yourself and your mindset the best thing you can do is to implement a morning practice. I have been doing this for years and it is a requirement for all my clients in my coaching groups!

I suggest waking up at least 30 minutes earlier than normal to spend uninterrupted, non-negotiable time focusing on YOU!

Indulgent and selfish huh? Yep, and it will change your life.

Here are a few things you can do in the morning during this glorious time alone. You can start with a few or do them all like I do.

  • A free-writing journal, a pretty one! I think our beautiful thoughts deserve a beautiful place to live.
    The 5 Minute Journal – Hal Elrod talks about this in his book The Miracle Morning. You can get The 5 Minute Journal on
  • Gratitude journal. Remember, what you focus on expands. 🙂
  • Daily reads from your favorite books like The Language of Letting Go or other inspirational daily reads.
  • Meditate. Either guided or quietly, but visualize your life, health, family, etc, as if it is already the way you want it!

I promise you, adding in time and exercises like this in the morning or evening will change your life!!!

Sending you LOADS of love!!