Good Monday Morning!

As you start this week remember….what we think about (conscious and subconscious) becomes our life.

I will be honest with you here, I used to have a mindset that I needed to overcome things in order to truly appreciate them therefore things had to be hard.  Now, I work my butt off in almost everything in my life so I was still able to be successful, BUT it was freakin’ hard!

A few years ago some friends, in a cab ride in New York City, helped me realize I had a belief life was hard.  Now, this part is crazy!  We had been traveling to NYC for business school and EVERY TIME we went to the airport the security line was insanely long making us almost miss our flights a few times!

After having this mindset pointed out to me on this cab ride I decided right then and there that my current mindset was just plain stupid and I wanted to change it immediately!   I started saying out loud, MY LIFE IS EASY, over and over as if I had just discovered something new that could change my life…..and guess what, it did.

This is how fast we can manifest things, we showed up at the airport on a Friday around 3:30, the same day and time as all our other flights, and there was less than 10 people in line at security.

All three of us were shocked momentarily then realized how insanely powerful our minds are.  We have immense power in our thinking, I urge you to start putting yours to good use!

Our life is what our thoughts make it!

Happy Mindset Monday!