Bam!! I just saved you hours of shopping time…because I have a holiday gift that you can pretty much give anybody…my newest book, Don’t Do Stuff You Suck At!!!

Seriously, hear me out! It’s Thinker-approved because it’s practical since great books broaden our horizons, help us grow, and are just all-around useful for enlightening our lives and perhaps escaping a tiny bit. It’s analytical in its approach to explaining personality type to the go-getters and seekers in our lives. And yet, it is a Feeler-approved gift because it has lots of “feels” and evokes a wide range of feelings in readers from validation of what it is to be your unique personality type to inspiration and hope that you can embody your best self. Feelers want to give and receive gifts that make people feel good and come from the heart. Thinkers want give and receive a gift that serves a good purpose. So rest assured my book is a versatile gift just perfect for your friends, family and coworkers!

Let’s do away mindless, boring, worthless gifts! Let’s put compassion, love and thoughtfulness back into gift-giving this year.



For the whole month of December, I’m tossing in some great bonus gifts when you order Don’t Do Stuff You Suck At directly from me with this link. Each book will be signed by me and include 2 of my beautiful Goal Cards and a gold glitz and glamour Front Seat Life tattoo.