At my workshop on Saturday one of the exercises we did was break off into groups of Introverts and Extroverts and I asked them to brainstorm on two questions:

  1. What do you think of the other Type?
  2. What do you want the other Type to know about your Type?

I have learned to give plenty of time and space for this exercise because some honest, tough, real and sometimes brutal stuff comes up but also BIG learning for everyone.  It is an impactful exercise and I wanted to share some of the learning with you.

I will cover both Introverts and Extroverts answering both questions but I have chosen to start with “What Introverts want Extroverts to know about them”.  Here are their answers from the workshop:


Some of the big take aways from the Extroverts were:

  • Introverts are constantly “thinking” just as we are.  Just because they are quiet does not mean their brains are not active and at times keeping them up at night.  Some of the extroverts in the room had assumed their quietness was a sign of internal peace and quiet, the Introverts assured Extroverts, that is NOT always the case.


  • Introverts want to be invited in BUT honor when they say no.  Just because they can be quiet at times does not mean they do not have an opinion or cannot stand up for themselves.


  • Get to know Introverts one-on-one.  Large groups can be tough for introverts but don’t assume they don’t want to get to know you, they do, just in a more intimate setting.


  • Lastly, Extroverts, don’t take Introverts quietness as something is wrong.  Introverts are INTERNAL processors and Extroverts are External processors, you are both processing, just in different ways.

There can be so much rich learning when we simply sit down and ask some questions of one another AND listen to the responses with an open heart and mind.  I hope you have found this informative and helpful as my class did.

Next week I will be sharing what Extroverts want Introverts to know about them.  Stay tuned.

I would LOVE to hear your comments as well.

Thanks for reading,

Jessica Butts MA, LMHCA, MBTI Certified

p.s.  I embrace my imperfection, please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors:)