Introverts main part of their personality are like this iceberg, most of it is saved under the surface. Introverts save their best selves for themselves and they get to love, appreciate and nuture themselves out of the light of the rest of the world. Their true personality is really hidden from the world, just like this iceberg. Other’s say that Introverts can be hard to get to know…. that is true. Look at the picture of the iceberg and think about all there is “under the surface” of an introvert to get to know!

Extroverts on the other hand are like cruise ships. Their dominate personality is out is the open for everyone to see. They live their life in the open and give their best selves to the world, saving only a tiny part for themselves. They float along allowing their dominate and true personality to be seen by most. It is true that most extroverts really wear their heart on their sleeves and are often time easier to get to know because you don’t have to search to see who they really are.

Someone once said…If you don’t know how an extrovert is feeling you aren’t listening and if you don’t know how an introvert is feeling than you haven’t asked.

Which are you?

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