Growing up I always knew I was weird.

My mother, although extremely loving, never quite “got” me. I always had my head in the clouds, dreaming up the next big thing, planning for some party, making up ways to make money by having plays or selling something I made, I was an entrepreneur even as a little girl, I just didn’t know at the time.

In my family, and eventually my marriage, being weird was not acceptable, so I went the route everyone else goes through in the 9-5, the “normal” life.

Well, it hated it!! It made me sick, sad, depressed and totally and completely uninspired. Up until I was 37 years old I was living this life.

Then I decided to choose me!!!!

Although it sounds glamorous, it was extremely difficult and came with MANY difficult decision, including leaving my marriage of 20 years.

What I’ve come to realize and embrace FULLY in my 40’s is that I’m a rare Intuitive (N) person……a weirdo. Weird is awesome!

Coming to this realization about myself and I LOVE working with other Intuitive (N) types out there, I’m working on programs to help, love, support and create a sacred place for us to come together to learn about our weirdness, enhance our learning about our ‘type’ and create an amazing community of weirdo’s.

So, stay tuned for this amazing program coming up!