Happy almost Thanksgiving!

For the next 4 Days I am going to send you how the different types react during stress, what I call your Baby in the Backseat. This might be GREAT Thanksgiving conversation, huh?

We ALL get stressed out and instead of judging it or thinking there is something wrong with us we can learn from it, acknowledge it and start to learn to do something different.

The first step is always awareness!

As I talk about in my book, Live Your Life from the Front Seat, your Baby in the Backseat is the exact opposite of your innate, best self, your driver. She/he is just like a baby during stress or sad times, she/he either comes out screaming and fighting or hides and runs away. This is our built in defense mechanism which is to either fight or flee.

When our babies wake up:

  • Extroverts run away and hide.
  • Introverts come out swinging and often yell or scream or want to fight.

So, stay tuned for the next 4 days while I outline how each of us acts under stress. You may see yourself in these descriptions or a family or friend. We can learn so much from being able to see this in ourselves and others and we can reach out to help soothe that baby instead of be mad at it. 🙂