I have known for years that I am co-dependent but I like to think of myself as “in recovery” but I had a relapse last week as many of you might experience this time of year dealing with family and all the issues that come along with the holidays.

My form of co-dependency is that I allow others to jump on my side of the “net” and manage and control me. Last week, I allowed this to happen and got all in my backseat (which happens when we shut down). It took me a few days to realize: 1) I had a relapse and had allowed that to happen, 2) that I needed some space to get myself back on track which for me is my morning spiritual practice of getting centered with myself, and 3) I had to set some boundaries with the person I ALLOWED to do this to me. While we all learn new things, grow and evolve we still have the same old triggers that need tending to and will occasionally trigger a relapse.

As always, I share my personal experiences with you in hopes you can learn from them, see yourself in them and hold yourself lightly, especially this time of year!

If this sounds familiar you might benefit from reading some of Melody Beattie’s books on co-dependency, I know they changed my life.

Happy Holiday Season and TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!!!