Yeah me too! And the good news is we survived another Mercury Retrograde!! Today is the official end of Mercury PULLING our energy backwards.

I learned about MR a few years ago and it gave me so much clarity into why a few times a year I feel sooooo off and as I like to say, wonky!

I was a bit skeptical at first but when I realized the moon pulls and effects our oceans I knew that planetary energy can certainly effect my little body!!

During the past 3 weeks of this last MR for 2015, I have been spending my time planning for the next few months and into 2016. I have learned to LOVE MR time as it gives me permission to slow down, reflect and plan.

I hope this helps you to understand your energy the past few weeks and can get you prepared for the next on in January of 2016. Again, it is a time I have come to love and savor and I hope you can do once you understand it. Below is my favorite YouTube video to help explain MR (beware, she is a little woo woo but it is awesome).

Have a wonderful weekend!