One of my favorite tools I use myself and with all my awesome clients is the idea of “What was once impossible, is now easy!”

Think of all the things you have accomplished in the last year, 10 years, or even just the last 3 months. You may have thought at one time “this is impossible, I can’t do this” and then guess what? You did it, right? It is now in the past and seems like it may have even been easy.

I remember feeling this when I started my business and being COMPLETELY overwhelmed at all that needed to be done. So, I made a list and each day checked things off my list and before I knew it, the list was complete.

Granted, I had a new list but……..that list that once seemed insurmountable and impossible was now finished and I was on to something new. I needed to learn to give myself credit for what I had accomplished because it gave me momentum and made me feel good….so will you please do the same for yourself?

I do this every 90 days with my Mastermind group and I walk my Intuitive Group through the same exercise every 90 days! It is magical. 🙂

Speaking of which…..I have a new Intuitive Group starting on July 11th, wanna join this INCREDIBLE group of women and me?

Set a 30 min time to chat with me to see if this is a good fit for you, I would LOVE to be a part of your journey of self exploration and help you start Living Your Life from the Front Seat!