This week I was supposed to talk about the Thinking and Feeling dichotomy in your life, but I quickly scratched that plan because something major was up for me. And I knew it was up for some of my clients, too. That THING that throws you in your back seat and totally pisses you off! That energy-drain. That negativity that then sends you spiraling down.

I am fired up and truth-telling about Front Seat and Back Seat today so we can ALL just be unapologetically who we are and find our way back into our Front Seat! How do we get up off the ground after we’re lacking motivation, lacking inspiration and letting the negativity get to us? That is the topic for today!!

Warning: There are some F-bombs in this video because I am pissed, passionate and dead-serious about this topic!

You are NOT going to want to miss today's episode of '"Be Unapologetically Who You Are"! I am fired up and truth telling about front seat and back seat. There are liking going to be some F-bombs today!

Posted by Jessica Butts on Monday, March 5, 2018