We are exactly 3 weeks away from The Front Seat Life Event, October 7th and 8th!!!

I couldn’t be more exited to share two days full of content that will surely change your life, relationships and/or your career!

For those of you on the fence I wanted to take an opportunity to answer some FAQ’s here as well as host a 30-minute call next Friday, September 23rd at 10 am PDT to answer LIVE any questions you might have! So PLEASE mark your calendars RIGHT NOW for this live 30-minute call with me ask any questions you may have about the event.

Call in details:

10 am PDT
Friday, September 23rd
Conference call line:
(712) 775-7031

Now…..here are some of the FAQs my team is getting that might help you get your butt to this AMAZING event.

What if I can only make it one day?

No problem. Each day will be FULL of excellent content so you can certainly come for just one day. Respond to this message that is the case and my team will send you an invoice for just one day.

Can men come?

Absolutely!!!!! While I primarily work with women this information is JUST as valuable to men! I highly encourage my female clients to bring their spouse or partner. While this is not exactly a relationship retreat, the information will enhance your relationship tremendously!

Can teenagers come?

Yes. The starting age should be around 17 (a senior in high school). College age kids are perfect! This is the perfect age for them to learn about their personality type so they don’t make all the same mistakes we did! It will be worth taking a day off of classes! They don’t teach this awesome stuff in college.

Can I bring business cards?

Hell yes! This is not only going to be an amazing event for you personally but this is THE networking event for 2016. As a business coach, I expect you to authentically be making connections always. You will NOT be passing out business cards to everyone you meet, but as you are making natural connections please do so. Breaks and meals will be a great time to strike up conversations and make connections personally and professionally.

How can I find out how to work with Jessica in other ways?

There will be information and an invitation at the event to work together! This is THE best way for us to do that! The event itself is 100% content rich but for those of you wanting to take it to the next level there will be a way to do that.

What if I am an introvert, will this be overwhelming for me?

I know type better than most anyone and I would NEVER ask you to do something that you are uncomfortable with or that is out of type for you, ever! I expect you to show up and “be unapologetically who you are”!

What is the expert panel about Friday night? Should I plan to stay for it?

YES! I have personally hand picked 5 of the best in their industry, that complement my work about being authentic to how you were innately designed in this world, to share 10 minutes of their BEST stuff. Plus there will be time for Q&A. Come back after dinner for connections, education and pictures. They are reallllly amazing women!

What can I expect at The Front Seat Life Event?

Fun. connection. education. motivation. inspiration. Amazing people. Life changing content.

It is my book in live format!

Who are you? Type, codependency, masculine/feminine energy, etc.

Where are you going? Mindset, law of attraction, getting your thoughts right. This is a HUGE missing piece for almost everyone and it is a game changer!!!

How are you going to get there? Learning all this without action is a waste. We MUST take action!

Ok… I hope this answers most questions AND it has gotten you to say YES to this amazing event. I have to say….you are really going to regret missing this if you are on the fence and decide to say no.

Sometimes you gotta just say YES and see where it takes you….this is one of those times!

So get yourself enrolled today here!

Can’t wait to see you in 3 weeks!!