One of the coolest things I am doing at the Front Seat Life event October 6th, 7th and 8th is having some of the BEST experts in their industry come share their awesomeness with YOU! BTW, if you haven’t enrolled yet what the heck are you waiting for!!!

I wanted to introduce them to you now so you know the extra amazing teaching you will get Friday night!

I have two strong beliefs:

  1. Don’t waste people’s time or money. So I give lots of great content!
    Don’t do stuff I suck at. So I bring people in to help me with things I am not so great at!
  2. Hence the amazing Front Seat Life expert panel.

Jeni Dahn –  She is my “being” coach! I am GREAT at doing, not so great at being, so she will be there to help us with that. 🙂

Karen Lynn Maher – She was my book coach for Live Your Life from the Front Seat, and she helps people get clear on their point of view!

Debbie Rosemont – She is an efficacy expert and helps us N’s and P’s stay organized in all areas of our lives so things run more smoothly and we save time!!!

Kerstin O’Shields – Body language expert! Now that you know your type and you are going to “be unapologetically who you are” you will also want to know how you are showing up to the world! We only get one chance to make a first impression.

Lisa Fischer – Let your outside be a representation of who you are on the inside! Come learn authentic styling; it can change your life.

If you want a chance to meet me and all these amazing women one-on-one, please come join us for VIP seating at the event and a private luncheon each day at the Hyatt House Bistro.

You can enroll here.

Can’t wait to see you all in October!