As you all know I am a type guru and I even use this stuff on myself.   I am also an ENFJ which means my:

Dominate Type is:     Extroverted Feeling

Auxiliary Type is:        Introverted Intuition

Tertiary Type is:         Extroverted Sensing

and lastly, and what I want to write about and share some thoughts on today is, my Inferior Type is Introverted Thinking.

As a dominate extroverted feeler my world is lived in the external world, I give my best to the world and I give it in a feeling, caring, heart-filled, emotional way.   It can be said that extroverted feelers wear their heart on their sleeves, meaning the world can see it.

The past couple of weeks I find myself slipping into a dark, introverted, thoughtful (but dark), alone kind of place.  I need more and more time alone to recharge and that means I am slipping into a stressful place.  We can all notice a pattern within ourselves when we are gravitating towards our Inferior Type, mine happens to be, as I mentioned above, Introverted Thinker.

Our inferior selves are our least developed parts of ourselves and therefore we are not at our best.  A dominate Introverted Thinker looks very different from my inferior introverted thinker.  Mine is child like, underdeveloped, and immature.

I hide way, I don’t call people back, I need excessive time alone and although at times needed, it is not a healthy place to stay for very long.

Part of way I love this work is the awareness that I am slipping into this place so that I can be proactive to get myself from staying there too long. It is not my best self and although it is inevitable to go there once in a while, staying there is not doing myself justice and I am not performing my best, not being my best self. My best self is my extroverted feeling.

So, how do I get back there?  I do extroverted feeling things, not hide (for too long), I talk to friends, a therapist, get out and walk, write this blog, be active.

What is your introverted self?  How do you know you are going there?  What do you do to get out of it?