Did January not exactly start with the motivation that you had hoped for? Are you needing some inspiration? Do you need some accountability? People who “get” you? Are you FINALLY ready to get some awesome coaching, so this year can actually be THE year?

Well, maybe it is time to join the awesome, inspirational, educational, and motivational Intuitive/ Small Business Group. I am insanely honored to say I have gathered some of the most bad ass, entrepreneurial women around to be a part of this group and you can totally come hang with us!

Here are some pictures from our incredible planning day on 1/22/16, which we do quarterly as a group, the next one is April 22nd. 🙂

Intuitive Group Coaching photo 1 (38)
photo 2 (8) photo 3 (70)
photo 4 (70) photo 5 (50)

If you are ready to start Living Your Life from the Front Seat in your life, relationships and business, come join us!!