Watching the presidential debate last night got me thinking about how each of us bases our decision on who to vote for based off of our Type.

The third dichotomy or pairing of the Myers Briggs assessment, the MBTI,  is how we make decisions and come to conclusions.  We either have a preference for Thinking or Feeling.

Thinking Types makes decisions based on:

  • Logic
  • Facts
  • Data
  • Analysis
  • Criteria
  • They also make impersonal decision

Feeling Types on the other hand make decisions based on:

  • Values
  • Circumstances
  • Feelings, their own and others
  • Personal issues

Feeling types may have already made up their mind on the presidential race because they base their decision on which candidate best fits their personal value system.  Last nights debate may have been somewhat irrelevant when facts are being thrown around because that is NOT how Feeling Types make their decisions, they consider personal values and their own feelings around a person when making a decision.

This can be extremely frustrating and seem rather childish to a Thinking Type who listens carefully to the issues and facts presented because that person with a Thinking preference will be making their decision based on the issues and facts presented by each candidate.

Type can be woven in to so many areas of our lives and simply understanding ourselves through our innate personality preferences can make a huge difference in our relations with others.

Do you know which preference you have?  Thinking or Feeling?

Thanks for reading.

Jessica Butts MA, LMHCA