As I am writing this, I am getting teary-eyed thinking about so many of you who have loved and supported me this year and I cannot thank you enough. Your responses to
emails, your kind words, your energetic support is very much appreciated – especially this time of year as I reflect on ALL the things I have to be thankful for.

My wish for you this week is that you have some time to reflect on all that you are thankful for (even in the midst of crazy in-laws or frustrating relatives). Take a few minutes for yourself each day to reflect and get centered with YOURSELF! You are in control of your response to everything, that is a powerful and empowering thing. You cannot control other people but you do have complete control over your thoughts and your reactions!

Here is one of my favorite tools:

Imagine yourself in a balcony looking down on yourself with your family for the holidays (or any situation really) and see yourself as your BEST self. You are calm, happy, full of grace and love, you are proud of how you see yourself. Now really imagine it, see it, play it out, over and over. Once you are with your family you can bring this image back that you have burned into your brain and know how you want to react! You can be PROACTIVE instead of REACTIVE. It is such a difference and you can absolutely do this!

Sending you love this holiday week!

Next week, I will be sharing my favorite end of the year ritual with you! It is pretty awesome.

Until then, Happy Holiday week and couldn’t resist this funny picture of me kissing Santa!