Happy December!

I don’t know about you, but the colder weather and the shorter days have me grabbing a cozy blanket and good book more often!

And I’ve got a fantastic read for you…my latest and greatest, Don’t Do Stuff You Suck At, focuses on harnessing the power of your personality type to attract the right clients, make more money and create a happy and health life and business.Who wouldn’t want to jump start 2018 with all of that in their bag of tricks?!?!

The positive reviews for Don’t Do Stuff You Suck At are pouring in from readers!! I know this could be a powerful read for you and your closest loved ones.

Let’s get real, the holidays can be joyful, but many are secretively suffering inside. Maybe it’s a crappy job or an unfulfilling relationship. It could just be this damn, dark weather this time of the year!!! Whatever it is, the holidays sometimes have a way of highlighting the crazy and broken pieces in our lives. So I’m throwing you a lifeline here! Grab hold and order your book today! Spreading the message of how to live your life with ease and grace is my small way of spreading love and joy this season!

For the whole month of December I’m tossing in some great bonus gifts when you order books directly from me with this link. Each book will be signed by me and include 2 of my beautiful Goal Cards and a gold glitz and glamour Front Seat Life tattoo.