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Day 7 of 25 on my Three S Methodology – Today’s topic is Structure & Websites [FB Live 8-7-18]

Don’t waste time doing stuff you suck at. Today’s topic is about your Website. The problem for you entrepreneurs is that we try to do everything, but unless your craft is designing websites you shouldn’t be doing it! I know that we’re all trying to save a buck here and there, but you’ve got to […]

Day 6 of 25 on my Three S Methodology – Today’s topic is Starting Big, Mindmap and 90 Day Goals [FB Live 8-6-18]

Squirrel….meet control freak!!! Today’s topic is about dreaming AND planning. This is the perfect mix of personality types that ALLLLLL entrepreneurs must do! I’m talking about starting big with your dreams with the “perfect day” exercise. This will get you creating a long-term plan. Next, you need to get those big dreams down on paper […]

Day 5 of 25 on my Three S Methodology – Today’s topic is the Weekly CEO Meeting [FB Live 8-3-18]

Today’s topic is how to do a weekly CEO Meeting with yourself. This is the idea of working ON your business versus IN your business. Let me break down how this structure in your schedule of having a CEO meeting can transform your business. I give you all the details about what I do in […]

Day 4 of 25 on my Three S Methodology – Today’s topic is Offerings [FB Live 8-2-18]

Today we’re talking about understanding your offerings and having structure behind them. If you are confused as a business owner about what you’re offering, then without a doubt your clients are confused, too. Let’s break down your funnel where you are working hours for dollars and where you can leverage your time and have FREEDOM! […]

Day 3 of 25 on my Three S Methodology – Today’s topic is Ideal Client [FB Live 8-1-18]

Today’s topic is about your Ideal Client because the biggest issue I find with clients is that people try to get everyone to like them. Not everyone is going to like you – get over it! Quit trying to chase everyone! You’ve got to get specific about who your ideal client is. You’ve got to […]

Day 2 of 25 on my Three S Methodology – Today’s topic is Schedule [FB Live 7-31-18]

Today’s topic within the “Structure” portion of my Three S Methodology is SCHEDULE!!! What does structure in your schedule mean? This might make some of you cringe!!! How you spend your time is a direct reflection of what you care about most! What is your biggest time waster? If you want to know more, join […]

Day 1 of 25 on my Three S Methodology – Today’s focus is MORNING [FB Live 7-30-18]

Front Seat Life Three S Method: Structure, Systems and Singular focus! I have worked as a psychotherapist, couples counselor, Life and Business coach over the past 7 years helping people be unapologetically who they are in Life, Love and Business. Sadly, the one area that I see people fail the MOST in their business is […]

How to get the best out of Intuitives

Today, we talk about how to get the best out of Intuitives. Let’s start by remembering that the second dichotomy in Myers Briggs personality type (Sensing or Intuition) is all about how people like their world organized. Intuitives (N) which are 25% of the population like to have the space and freedom to be creative […]

How to get the best out of Sensors

How to get the best out of Sensors who make up 75% of the population! Are you packaging your words and message in a way that is fully digestible for Sensors? Check out this short video to find out how you can do that.

How to get the best out of Introverts

Did you know that Introverts don’t like to think on the fly? They can do it, but it’s not their best thinking. They would rather process internally over time before they share thoughts and ideas with others. In our extroverted world, Introverts can often feel marginalized and walked over by Extroverts. Don’t get frustrated that […]