My birthday is TODAY, July 7th and I would like to gift you my soon-to-be released book, Don’t Do Stuff You Suck At, as a bonus for enrolling in the fabulous Front Seat Life 3-Day Event coming up on October 5th, 6th and 7th.

I launched my first book, Live Your Life from the Front Seat, two years ago on my birthday, and for some reason I was crazy enough to write another. I actually KNOW the reason, because this work changes people’s lives, relationships and businesses. Understanding how we are designed and then designing our life and business around our type is life-altering and makes everything SOOOO much easier. Won’t you join me in finding out how this can help your life, relationships and business, too?

The event is PACKED full of content to help you answer the following questions that will change your life and your business:

Who are you? Your innate personality type:

  • We will spend an entire day diving deep into your innate Myers Briggs personality type, and my work on Living Your Life from the Front Seat, which will show you exactly where you need to be spending your time to attract the right people and clients into your life and get you to Stop Doing Stuff You Suck At so you can free up time and energy for the right things in your life.

Where are you going? Your Mindset:

  • We must spend time talking about the power of your mindset, as it very well could be holding you back from accomplishing your dreams. And if you don’t have any dreams, I will make sure to get you on track with that.

How are you going to get there? Your Actions:

  • I will be introducing my powerful work around my Three S’s: Systems, Structures and Singular Focus. Entrepreneurs cannot miss this!!!!

The Front Seat Life Team of Experts

  • You will get the opportunity to hear four 90-minute sessions of your choosing to really take your life and business to the next level.

Absolute best place to be for networking:

  • You DO NOT want to miss being there!

If you get yourself enrolled in the event by my birthday July 7th, you will receive a FREE copy of my new book!

I want to help you get unstuck and get your life and business into the Front Seat! I SO hope you will join us! Enroll today!