It is certainly an interesting start to the new year! Are you feeling weird and not sure why? It is likely because of Mercury being in Retrograde from 5 am today until Monday, January 25th.

I knew it was coming but still woke up this morning feeling sluggish, a little slow and incredibly reflective! That is what Mercury Retrograde is all about. I have come to LOVE and CHERISH the 4 times of year this universal pull happens, but it does still surprise me how powerful it can be, especially when we want to be in full swing with a new year starting.

Us Intuitive types need to be especially aware this time of year as we are even more susceptible to this powerful universal energy. If any of you still think this is hogwash here are a couple of my favorite tools to help explain it. And, my favorite was to think of it is….. if the moon can affect the oceans, the planets can certainly affect my little body! 🙂

Hang in there and enjoy the ride know that you know what is going on!

Teal Swan video on YouTube – it’s one of my favorite explanations (it starts weird but gets better).

And here is an article.